Embracing…not hating…the waiting


I think that we could say that we all would like to live a life of greatness that makes a mark for God. So many of us have amazing prophetic words over our destiny. With zeal, we brandish the idea that we are/and are becoming “world changers”. We want to live lives of surrender and obedience that will allow God to do great and mighty things through us. We are a generation with the battle cry of Joshua. Big picture, we want to make a difference in the kingdom.

Something that I’ve observed in life and scriptures is that His road to greatness is not always the way we would expect. After all, Jesus presented a backward dichotomy to greatness when he said you would have to become the least. So many of us want to something great for God, RIGHT NOW!

If you’re gonna do anything of consequence, if you want to be lumped in with great men and women of history and scripture whose lives were used powerfully, you’ll have to make embrace a specific aspect of how He operates. I’m talking about that dreaded reality that most of us hate so much…


“Waiting” is something that pops up all over the scriptures. In the Hebrew, the word “Qavah” means figuratively “to expect, look, patiently tarry, wait for, on or upon”. It’s scattered all throughout the psalms and some prophetic books in the Old Testament. It doesn’t just mean to wait in the sense of waiting in line at the DMV. It means to expect, hope, trust and believe for something from God that is not yet here. The psalmist says:

“I would have lost heart, unless I had believed That I would see the goodness of the LordIn the land of the living.
Wait on the Lord; Be of good courage, And He shall strengthen your heart; Wait, I say, on the Lord!”

Not every truth from scripture is something that is clearly stated as a Sunday school bible verse. Sometimes the greatest truth’s are the patterns that are in-between the lines that we read. The repetitions of how God interacts with people that give us a glimpse into who is He is and what He values.

A pattern you can see throughout the scriptures is this equation:

Promise + _______________ = Fulfillment (God gets glory).

That space in-between is where we get to participate, and it is what I believe the most difficult and hard work as someone who wants to walk with God. “Waiting” is the space in-between the promise and fulfillment.

Biblical waiting is not a passive assignment. It often requires pressing in, contending, declaring, interceding and believing for the promise that He declared…but is not yet here.

True waiting requires that you fully know the character of the One whom you are waiting on in the midst of what would seem to be “nothing happening”.

The beauty of waiting is that it will expose what you actually believe about God vs. what you say you believe about God. I’m not sure about you, but for me, this is sometimes how waiting on God can feel:

Day 1: Promise Arrives

Month 1 – 3: “It’s all good! Excited about the promise!”

Month 3 – 6: “Oh man, there is some opposition, but this is coming!”

Month 6 – 12: “Mmmm, feels like a long time, but God is faithful.”

Year 1 – 2: “My character is being tested, but God’s gonna come through.”

Year 2 – 4: “Maybe I did something wrong. Did I take a wrong turn somewhere along the way?”

Year 4 – 6: “Is there secret sin in my life? Did He really promise this? Maybe I misheard.”

Year 6 – 10: “God, if you’re so good…and you can snap your fingers and make this happen, why aren’t you? I’ve seen you fulfill promises for other people, why not mine? Is there something wrong with me?”

Year 10 – 12: “You know what, I don’t even want your stupid promise anyways. This just feels cruel. I’ve done everything I can to say yes to this, but you’ve NEVER come through. NEVER!”

Year 12 – 14: “I’m sorry I said you NEVER come through. That’s not really true. I know you’re good, I know you love me…I just don’t get this. It hurts. You’re the God that fulfills His promises…but my current reality says differently. “

Year 14 – 20: “You’re faithful God. I don’t understand everything, I don’t understand all this waiting, but I know you’re good and you’re faithful. “

In Luke 18 Jesus tells a parable of the widow and a judge. She continues to bother him all the time and Jesus says even though he is an evil judge…eventually, he will hear her case. He then goes to remark how much more will God, who is a good judge, hear and answer His children. I believe the point here is that waiting is about persistence, and not just in our asking. We need to be persistent in our believing. We need to believe that the One who promises is faithful to bring it to pass. That He is so good, that regardless of the confusion of “why” He has not brought it to pass yet…He is still good.

The good news is that if you’re waiting on a promise of God you’re in good company in the scriptures.

Abraham waited roughly 25 years for Issac
Joseph waited about 22 years between his prophetic dream and its fulfillment.
Moses waited 40 years in the wilderness to inherit the promise of God.
David waited for appx. 15 years between being anointed as King and actually taking the throne.
Even Jesus had to wait 30 years from when He was pronounced as Messiah by the angelic host till when the Lord rebased Him to operate in His ministry.

It is in the waiting that God does the best stuff. It usually challenging, sometimes painful, and can be full of doubts and fears. What if He doesn’t come through? However, it’s in the waiting that He is crafting in us everything that will be required of us to carry the incredible weight of the amazing promise that He wants to give to us.


  1. Embrace the waiting. Ask the Lord where you have despised waiting and His timing in your life.
  2. What ways has losing heart caused you to stop waiting on God and taken things into your own hands? Ask the Lord if there is any area of your life that “waiting” on Him for the promise has become too hard and you decided to do things your own way. If he highlights anything, repent, ask for His forgiveness and commit to trusting and waiting on Him once again in that area.
  3. Ask the Lord what He is trying to craft in you in the things that you are waiting for. Ask him How you can partner with the word He is doing in your heart and character in this time.

-Ryan Kee

RNW Leadership Team